Tharun's Homepage

This project is for my GITA 1/Computer Science 1 class.
I am learning C# for making window apps. I am not good yet
but I want to be soon. I want to go to Harvard or Duke to
pursue a career in law or computer science.

Good Bye Projet

September 13th 2018

This Project lets the user learn "good bye" in 4 different languages.

Help Page

Septemcer 17th 2018

This project makes is a help page for your company.

Mailing Label

Septemcer 26th 2018

This project makes a mailing label.

Car Rental 1

October 4th 2018

This project makes a simple car rental program.


October 8th 2018

This project makes a simple BMI scale.

Car Rental 2

October 15th 2018

This project makes a more complex car rental program.

Test Scores

October 17th 2018

This project makes a test score calculator.

Dice Program

October 25th 2018

This project makes a simulator for rolling dice.


November 1st 2018

This Project simulates a CRAPS game.

Slot Machine

November 6th 2018

This project makes a slot machine simulator.

T-shirt Program

November 29th 2018

This project simulates a t-shirt store.

College Bowl Project

December 13th 2018

This project shows the bowl history for 2 teams with a brief description of each school.

Fish 1

January 14th 2019

Make an artificial aquarium.

Fish 2D

January 29th 2019

Make an artificial aquarium with 2 fish.


February 4th 2019

This project calculates a series of numbers.

Tic Tac Toe

February 12th 2019

This simulates a Tic Tac Toe.

Basic AI

March 1st 2019

Make a picture box chase the other.


March 12th 2019

This simulates going through space.

Space Invaders

March 18th 2019

This simulates a space invaders game.

GITA Final Project

June 6th 2019

This is my final project.